Frequently Asked Questions


Please login to your account and navigate to API Reference

Please login to your account and navigate to API Reference

Login to your account. Go to Settings.

Login > Dashboard > click on Category

Registration and Verification

Please click Login click on Create new account and submit the completed form to be registered and get verified. Once account is active, you are entitle to use BIZAPPAY.

Login > Settings > Change Password.

You will need to provide some screenshots / bank statements for your new bank account and make sure the document must clearly state the account number and account holder name. If you are registered as a company for your bizappay account, please attach together the SSM certificate for our reference and send it to

Credit and Prepaid

No. We did not charge any prepaid amount or credit. All amount will be deducted from the transaction.

Payment Method

Payment failure can be related to many, many variables that are outside the control of Bizappay and banks. Please request the customer to pay again using different variables, e.g. a different bank during normal business hours.


We did not charge for settlement process

Bizappay did not make settlement on Saturday, Sunday and federal public holiday. Settlement day shall be the next settlement day if the present settlement day is a federal holiday.

Next day means anytime between 00:00–23:59. Please note that you can experience a 24-hour delay occasionally due to bank system maintenance.

Please email the customer’s payment receipt to, which can be retrieved from the history section of the customer’s online banking account.

It is compulsory in order for us to reconcile the payment with the bill, if any. menyediakan perkhidmatan platform pembayaran dalam talian untuk perniagaan dan individu. Dengan kadar caj yang murah. Pengguna boleh melaksanakan terus pembayaran online mereka. dikendali dan diuruskan oleh Bizappay Sdn Bhd

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